Fire engineering is complex. Creating a fire-safe environment does not only require technical rigor, but also effective management, coordination, and in-depth engagement in every step. We help clients to realize their fire protection initiatives from engineering, procurement through to construction and maintenance services. 


Scope of services


Engineering Design

Our team of engineers have designed fire protection systems for over 5000 projects. Our designs are compliant with local regulations and international fire protection standards.   


We partner with world-class manufacturers known for the quality of their products and support services to ensure that the reliability of your fire protection systems. 

Construction and commissioning

Our project engineers emphasize on agility that improves efficiency and enables fast and accurate response in critical moments.


We ensure long-term system reliability through maintenance services.


EPC, Fire safety simplified.


Through our EPC/turnkey project service, we simplify fire protection for our clients. Whether it is a fire risk in a petrochemical storage area, hydroelectric power plant, or car manufacturing factory, we listen to client, and combine our proven expertise and experience to turn visions into realities.